RGB LED Matrix sign using Raspberry Pi Zero

In order to be a bit more technically festive this Christmas, I created this 10×10 RGB LED sign. These are 100 WS2811s running off the brand new Raspberry Pi Zero and powered from my converted PC power supply. They are unceremoniously punched through some old cardboard I had from Amazon deliveries. Watch the video to see it in action.

I have powered the Raspberry Pi Zero directly via the 5v GPIO pin. This meant that I only had to have one power cable to the sign and it would power both the Pi and the LEDs. They are quite power hungry so using the converted power supply was a good choice for this.

The Pi is running Python code originally from Andrew Oakley which was very handy as he had done exactly what I wanted to achieve only a few weeks before! This meant I had the whole sign up and running within a few days. My code and animations can be found on my GitHub repository.

To create the animations, I used the fantastic Piskel App.