Convert PC Power Supply into Bench Power Supply

ATX Power Supply into Bench Power Supply - Finished

A properly regulated power supply was something that had been missing from my home workbench for some time.  I needed something that would do the job but with minimal cost and was intrigued when I found it could be achieved by repurposing a PC power supply.

It turns out this is quite a common thing to do so naturally there were many instructables detailing how to do it.  The main requirement for me was to have 3V3, 5V, 12V and GND lines available and for them to be beefy enough to power anything I could throw at it.  Most of my projects so far have required ether 3V3 or 5V so to have this available and reliable at a flick of a switch means that I will spend a lot less time debugging issues that ultimately come down to the microprocessor/components being underpowered.

Having followed a few guides, I can happily report that it has been a success.  I added a USB port for it to use when not fully powered on – nicely secured with Sugru.  Looking forward to a power-glitch free future.

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